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TiDal PR Splash FLOP

By now, if you have been on twitter or basically through the social media world. You heard about the horrid failure of the Tidal music streaming service public relation to relaunch. Spearheaded by the “business man” Sean Corey Carter Jay Z. Even though it was promoted like a social cause. It was basically a push to put more money in a select upper echelon few.

A lot of music lovers took offense to the angle of solving a world issue,but asking to sign up to a premium streaming service. Through the gimmick of having super celebrity artist such as Kanye West,Beyonce,Madonna and others to change their avi to sea blue. Which was sorta supposed to be an awareness to the “cause” Which made the publicity stunt was off target and out of reality of the world we live in.
Also, Aspiro AB(STO:ASP went from like a buck to 12 dollars back to like 3 in a matter of hours. To me I would say this move was more of a flip and maybe a longer flip to sell to Apple / Beats possibly. My opinion, Taylor Swift and Justin Timberlake sat out on this venture with Jigga to go with Jimmy Iovine in the Beats Streaming service in June.


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