Real Love Advice

Tainted love should not push you away or make a taller wall for true love to enter your life. Many people get hurt by losers but give winners a harder time. Actually, thats not how you do it. What if a woman played a man cause she was a cheating,stealing whore. To compare you and put you in a negative light up against her is rude right ?

   Some will like you and like you a lot. Sorta like a pet and may even see you as their pet. Look for someone who loves you for you not what they want you to be for their world.

A poem I wrote in my younger years  like ’89-90 

real love from deep in the heart.

Real love shall never part

real love like the kind you should have

real love brought to the present from the past

real love won’t you let it flow

real love allow it to stay in your heart and never go.


You have to be loyal ….

You have to communicate…..

you have to honor ….

you have to date for YOU ………

you MUST be cut from the same cloths  ? you can try to rebuild or you can be destined to bond.It’s ultimately up to you.




The video above was posted on youtube 2 years ago. It is about 40 years of Hip Hop music. Not long after. I was born. Now it’s a few weeks until my 40th Birthday. Time flies so fast or is it because I wasn’t living life so fast. I have had many ups and downs. Just like many,but I am THANKFUL TO GOD. I have a strong faith in God. Throughout the good times and bad times. I kept the faith. I recently went through so much. Just like for years in my life finding myself and enjoying life. I see these trials and tribulations as alarms to wake up and be the person I was put on this earth for. That person is one who helps in more ways than one. I will be dedicating the rest of my life in helping,in creative ways, to help as many people as I can. Titles are sorta restricting,but I will focus on being an artist and a business developer. If I seem like a dreamer…. GOOD  !!!!!

Stay tuned………..

Empowered Prophet

The Secret of the 50 Richest and Most Successful People in the World.


I just wanted to say to all people that amongst the others, this is NOT any hype that is just meant to fool people. I personally read a lot of books about life, self development, the spirituality… before I even knew who Tony Robbins is. I could clearly see that he is putting all the pieces together in one and that it all makes sense. Man, if you had a brain like Tony, you’d be anything you want, and that’s what he is teaching and why I like him. :)
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