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Cheap Date


What I am writing is my opinion with an option to happen. I take no responsibility in the effect it may cause to you. I am not liable for your loss in anyway. Even if the loss is a gain. LIVE YOUR LIFE !!


Cheap dating can save you cash BUT is it worth the headache ?

Let’s say you go on a dating app or service and find someone who is “low maintenance”. Maybe the cost for the date is cheaper than another option on a site. Ask yourself, Who is the person ?

Some people are great at first impressions. Other look good on paper.  Then once you GET TO KNOW THEM. You find out why they were single. People are so distracted nowadays and focused on the wrong things. So many “reality shows” have people programmed into a whole weird and wacky zone. People think they deserve more than they deserve. Others are putting on masks to appear to have it all together in their lives. Many study you like a chess match, but a long lasting relationship is far from the vision.

Social media acceptance can be poisonous to who you truly are and what you want out of life. The Facebooks,Twitters and instagrams can be very deceiving. You think your so called research is real but the person may not be authentic with you or themselves.

Ever hear of the saying or term nice/nasty ? Some of these delusions are sugar coated crap. They take the best photos and sound cool and even run around in life as if their activity means much. The presentation is picture perfect and some even criticize others who aren’t so “holier than thou”. The truth is deep inside their souls. They are demented and you may deserve better. You have the right to choose who you want and judge the best. Just make sure you make the right decision and know how to judge the one for you. Not just on some shortcut template handed down from the old days. Use open minded and instinctive focus with who you invest your time,energy and money with. Don’t be so shallow. You can’t afford it.

Taking the easy and sometimes cheap way can fulfill the cliches to the letter. You get what you pay for.

Do Better

Self improvement

Do you even know when you are settling ?


I am not saying to ride someone’s coattail to success. I’m saying are you settling for less. It’s a thin line between being on someone’s side through thick and thin and getting manipulated. I’m not saying if the person isn’t as successful for you, they aren’t for you. I am saying sit back and take notice on their energy. Are they cut from the same cloth ? Are you realing being love or are they looking for someone to be energized off of ?


  • You can be in love and stick by your man/woman BUT what’s the history in their motivation. They don’t have to be where they want to be BUT are they at least trying to get there ?
  • Are you falling for the old sob (baby I love you and we have a child let’s stay together for the …) BS ?
  • Are you with someone in love with a certain illegal hustle and they have NO desire to stop and now you are paying for their time sitting in prison ?
  • Are you happy with basic things like someone being a simple minded person with similar interest and you don’t think you can do better ?


Everything is in context. Still try and do better. It’s for your own good.

Don’t be the first person to settle for a bit better. Do MUCH better. Just cause they can save you in a jam. Doesn’t mean you didn’t deserve to be saved or even better.