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I was recently diagnosed with B Cell Large Form Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.

I start Chemotherapy Monday March 2nd

February 2015

I had a lump on my neck and I ignored it. It went away and I was happy. THEN, I had bad back pains and numb stomach and thigh.

Went to the ER and the did XRAYS cat scan and an emergency MRI. A tumor was squeezing my spine. Emergency radiation for 6 days and a biopsy on my neck later. I was diagnosed. I had a Spinal tap which HURT. But needless to say its like stage 2-3.

Pray for me. Please and Thank You.

PLEASE click on the link below and make whatever your heart can afford.

Your donation is also for awareness amongst many social networks. Who aren’t aware of how common Lymphoma is. Also to promote going for check ups when you notice certain symptoms.