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Poop in the pool @ Life Time Athletics in Mount Laurel New Jersey

After weeks of waiting for a response ……

They showed not a care given.


Is it because I do not own a corporate account ? Why won’t the management contact me about my crappy time at the Lifetime swim pool ?


I was told via twitter @LifeTimeFitness

My message would be forwarded to the “club”.

All the gimmicks with this company and the management doesn’t understand accountability. If just 3 people skip a month or delay a month. Not to mention 3 people less of a membership ever. They lose profits. I don’t think they know how to run a business. The gym is already over occupied and they are giving away free passes. During the months where everyone is trying to get to some sorta pool.

Once the find out that Life Time Fitness seems to not care about people taking a dump in the pool. That looks bad not just for the pool privileges, but later gym membership months. Plus, it takes away the allure of the pricy tag. Other gyms like Planet Fitness,LA Fitness,Future Fitness and The YMCA know how to conduct a public workout environment. The new spot in the area seems like they need a few tips in public relations.

I would NOT recommend LifeTime Fitness Athletics for any membership.



LifeTime Athletics Fitness OVERRATED

First let me admit a few things. I still used my membership after my complaints. Also, I was one of the first social media promoters to the location of my issues. NOW let me state this. My grammar is NOT to be criticized. The message here is why would a company allow poor quality management. 


June 25th 2016 

After a week of complaints. Such as, kids playing in the adult locker room,jumping on and off the benches and running through the showers throwing towels in plain sight of employees walking by. Plus, kids swimming during adult swim time AND all times in the adult section. I decided to try a different day/a different time.

As I arrived, I noticed it wasn’t many people there. I thought it was due to the bad weather forecast.  I saw a child swimming WITH A LIFEGUARD following along side the pool with the parent. Maybe this was the one who took a crap in the pool ?? not certain but back to what I am saying. I got in another lane and did a few laps. On my last lap I saw something at the pool but assumed SINCE lifeguards were watching me that it must of been a toy or something maybe a pine cone WHO KNOWS.

When I got out the pool leaving to go home. I overheard the lifeguards saying they will get something out the pool later. I thought nothing much of it at that time. Later that evening I called Life Time Fitness to ask what it was. They lied and said it couldn’t of been anything of the such due to them cleaning everyday supposedly.

THE FOLLOWING day I went there and saw a sign posted saying it was CRAP IN THE POOL. I swam over and over it like it was nothing. Not knowing BUT I know they knew. The crappier part about it was. They ONLY closed the pool for that day.

Anyhow, I called to complain and now a week later NO CALL from either manager on deck. Why not ?

LifeTime Swim
LifeTime Fitness Mount Laurel NJ

Cheap Date


What I am writing is my opinion with an option to happen. I take no responsibility in the effect it may cause to you. I am not liable for your loss in anyway. Even if the loss is a gain. LIVE YOUR LIFE !!


Cheap dating can save you cash BUT is it worth the headache ?

Let’s say you go on a dating app or service and find someone who is “low maintenance”. Maybe the cost for the date is cheaper than another option on a site. Ask yourself, Who is the person ?

Some people are great at first impressions. Other look good on paper.  Then once you GET TO KNOW THEM. You find out why they were single. People are so distracted nowadays and focused on the wrong things. So many “reality shows” have people programmed into a whole weird and wacky zone. People think they deserve more than they deserve. Others are putting on masks to appear to have it all together in their lives. Many study you like a chess match, but a long lasting relationship is far from the vision.

Social media acceptance can be poisonous to who you truly are and what you want out of life. The Facebooks,Twitters and instagrams can be very deceiving. You think your so called research is real but the person may not be authentic with you or themselves.

Ever hear of the saying or term nice/nasty ? Some of these delusions are sugar coated crap. They take the best photos and sound cool and even run around in life as if their activity means much. The presentation is picture perfect and some even criticize others who aren’t so “holier than thou”. The truth is deep inside their souls. They are demented and you may deserve better. You have the right to choose who you want and judge the best. Just make sure you make the right decision and know how to judge the one for you. Not just on some shortcut template handed down from the old days. Use open minded and instinctive focus with who you invest your time,energy and money with. Don’t be so shallow. You can’t afford it.

Taking the easy and sometimes cheap way can fulfill the cliches to the letter. You get what you pay for.