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ACF Amber Cutie Forum REPORT THIS



Last night logging onto

The top room THE NUMBER 1 room was EGYPTBEAUTY. This room is artificially boosted through the use of multiple bots.
The bot boost the room number from a very low number to a super inflated 2000 plus and EgyptBeauty room has been that for weeks. The benefit of the boost is obvious. She is now top room on MFC and therefore gets the preference of tippers.
The issue should be a concern to the admins of the site. Other models notice this glitch and complain IN HER ROOM. Which takes models who are just starting out get a bad impression. The other issue is EGYPTBEAUTY gets very low PITY tips. These tips could be larger tips in another model room. The tips are also of abusive language and hate speech ( racist and homophobic ).
Last night was Especially truly disturbing. Because of
that video (Which on that same account are many accounts of TOS violations).
A list of rules violated:
*She threatened physical harm on another model. Specifically when she mention she hasn’t had a good fight in awhile and was bout to……
*in the same room were 3 men… security removing her from the property FOR threatening the model FayFuck4Free
*She exposed personal information about FayFuck4Free in her room and on the video.
*She exposed information about model named pumpkinspice_ AND Emilylynne
*She asked her room (as she does MANY times and for purpose of making emotes) to record the chat room. Not too sure if all the members gave permission to record.
*She spoke lots of abusive language to and about other models and members of
*She acted as if she has a relationship (like she does many times) with Leonid Radvinsky what she calls the owner by mentioning Leo AND mentioning his innocence in legal matters.
These rules are to be taken serious as some may constitute legal negligence such as libel/slander. Plus terroristic threats and unlawful restraint. She wouldn’t let the model leave her which is what made her so upset as you can tell in the video.
By the way she KNOWS about the bot. It is mentioned MANY times in her room. She pays attention to everything else but doesnt speak a word of it. For months she has been speaking about a glitch on the site she would need for traffic.
Please your site seems very profitable and entertaining but I am sure you can see with all that I mentioned. That EgyptBeauty can be more of a problem than it’t worth.

The Delusional EgyptBeauty from 0x2F7BDB2CAF08101B on Vimeo.


** No profits are guaranteed by me. With any business you can make more or less. **

I have worked hard and worked smart and have utilized other’s blessings. There are many ways to do many things.

Here are 5 ways you could come up on some paper.

  • Party Planning and promoting.   events take some observation to get right. Quick hint: NETWORK
  • Be the entertainment NO TALENT required nowadays there are ways. Quick hint: BE CREATIVE
  • JV the talent You can book they can perform. Quick hint: Get your paper upfront
  • Photography if you have an eye for an image, that could work. Quick hint: Models DO pay for photos.
  • Production.. Put it all together quick hint: Stay on your game.


For more information.  Maybe I can help you with that.

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Real Love Advice

Tainted love should not push you away or make a taller wall for true love to enter your life. Many people get hurt by losers but give winners a harder time. Actually, thats not how you do it. What if a woman played a man cause she was a cheating,stealing whore. To compare you and put you in a negative light up against her is rude right ?

   Some will like you and like you a lot. Sorta like a pet and may even see you as their pet. Look for someone who loves you for you not what they want you to be for their world.

A poem I wrote in my younger years  like ’89-90 

real love from deep in the heart.

Real love shall never part

real love like the kind you should have

real love brought to the present from the past

real love won’t you let it flow

real love allow it to stay in your heart and never go.


You have to be loyal ….

You have to communicate…..

you have to honor ….

you have to date for YOU ………

you MUST be cut from the same cloths  ? you can try to rebuild or you can be destined to bond.It’s ultimately up to you.