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Looking for a Soul Mate ?

Do you really know what you want ?

or do you know what you want right now ? You shouldn’t mix the two or confuse long term with short term appeal. Are you being to shallow looking for someone you want to be deeply in love with.

The game has changed a lot even though there are some basics the same. People are more cunning and will have you feeling in love. When in reality you are being manipulated and isolated from your happy ending.


Why should you care ? You may even lower your standards just to “be happy/act happy”. Thinking “fake it until you make it” in your current situation. That may be a great mistake. Things fall apart when you don’t know your place or are settling for less than what you deserve.

iPhone and IPO Review

First and foremost I have been waiting weeks anxiously for both Alibaba Initial Public Offering and for iPhone 6 to get in my hands. The morning of September 19th Alibaba made me wait past the opening of the stock market by about 2 hours to buy as much stock as my account allowed. I had a feeling that I would get my iPhone at the same time of the Opening of $BaBa. I was absolutely correct. Sorta weird the timing. Did Jack Ma want that timing as well ? hmmmm… who knows. Anyhow, the stock was rocketing in the first 20 minutes of opening just to level out a buck and change up. My day trading roots was able to pop from the bounce.

iphone 6 for sale
one for me 2 sold

More exciting that day was FINALLY upgrading from my old dated technology iPhone 4 not even the 4s phone to the iPhone 6. I may of bought the 6 plus but going from my experience with a phone purchase months prior. I decided not to opt for the iPhone 6 plus due to the size. I don’t carry a bag of nap sack. So it was more convenient for me.

My initial experience was good. I give the phone a 4 out of 5 star review. It could of been a 5 star IF there were outstanding features that were exclusive and amazing. I’m happy with my purchase. Your opinion may differ being as though I was upgrading from 2 models back.

No plus