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The video above was posted on youtube 2 years ago. It is about 40 years of Hip Hop music. Not long after. I was born. Now it’s a few weeks until my 40th Birthday. Time flies so fast or is it because I wasn’t living life so fast. I have had many ups and downs. Just like many,but I am THANKFUL TO GOD. I have a strong faith in God. Throughout the good times and bad times. I kept the faith. I recently went through so much. Just like for years in my life finding myself and enjoying life. I see these trials and tribulations as alarms to wake up and be the person I was put on this earth for. That person is one who helps in more ways than one. I will be dedicating the rest of my life in helping,in creative ways, to help as many people as I can. Titles are sorta restricting,but I will focus on being an artist and a business developer. If I seem like a dreamer…. GOOD ¬†!!!!!

Stay tuned………..

Empowered Prophet

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I just wanted to say to all people that amongst the others, this is NOT any hype that is just meant to fool people. I personally read a lot of books about life, self development, the spirituality… before I even knew who Tony Robbins is. I could clearly see that he is putting all the pieces together in one and that it all makes sense. Man, if you had a brain like Tony, you’d be anything you want, and that’s what he is teaching and why I like him. :)