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Your friend could be holding you back but do you care ?

You can have the resources and mindset to achieve better in life. Still you will go without. Do you realize that the reason you are not getting what you want out of life is because of who you hang around ? Your time spent with those not moving you forward is time you could be doing something that moves you forward.

Do you care ?

Or are you happy where you are in life ?



Michael Kent

Mike Kent



In life you have to have a better vision. Having a better vision could mean a fresh pair of eyes at adversity. You must be authentically you. Live your life the best way every day possible. You may have heard that life is short. Make it sweet and stay balanced in your activities. Work hard play hard and have faith in a higher power.

2015 Model Search Runway Images

Once again, I am looking for artistic images to add to the update of my port. Most sizes welcomed,but you MUST be over the age of 18 years old. All Ethnicities may apply.


Model Search


I am a very creative photographer. My name is Michael Kent and you can add me to your network Facebook iG or Twitter @Runwayimages

Talent Search
Runway images


Mister Review will be reviewing. As well as,interviewing aspiring models and talent. Make sure you get the exposure you deserve. Be featured on


What this site is about is reviews and more reviews. Everything from phones to all types of fun. Hopefully, you will find the information I gift to you informative. At times I may have a bit of dry humor. Hey, what can I say. I like to live life to the fullest and sometimes I might not impress. If you deal with it you may learn a thing or two and possibly be amused.

Why Mister Review ? Reason being is I’m needed. There are so many businesses and personal situations where there needs to be more accountability. Many people are getting over providing subpar products and services. Sometimes the customers may not even know what is deserved. This is where I come in.  …….

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